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Sunday, July 6, 2008


I remember when I was a young man I went into business with a friend to clean yards. (Evergreen Gardening) It was hard work because we really cleaned the yard up so it would be easy to be maintained. We took pride in our work and we knew that if we did a great job we could do more jobs and spend less time doing it. I work now in a manufacturing environment and I saw a team of production workers have their pride taken away from them just for the sake of production. They were complaining about the quality of the product and that they were not up to standard, yet they were told to just do the job and keep the line running. How does quality stack up to quantity? Does quality outweigh quantity in the long run or does quantity out rank quality?
Sometimes I wonder about the shops in China that produce tons of stuff. Do their employees have pride in what they do, or is it just about the numbers? The question is, as people in general couldn’t we all just take pride in our work and what we do? I know if the goal is to produce the cheapest thing there is, I would want to take pride in the fact that I could produce the cheapest thing. So how does this pride thing work? Is it pride in the quantity that can be produced, or is it in the quality of what is produced? Is it apples or oranges? Can’t it be both quality and quantity? I am sure it can be because people who have a stake in the product (their pride) will do the extra to always have the best, not just the most. The real goal should be to keep pride in the work place and our homes. Teach it to the next generation, as the great generation taught us.

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