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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is the world coming to?
Is gas going to be $6 a gallon? Maybe we would come up with other ideas for fuel or maybe we would start to use what we have in our own country. On the other hand, change is going to happen with us or to us.
As my best friend Bob said to me many times, “Just find a way to make money by yourself, then you do not have to worry about what happens." If more of us would think about that, more innovation would take place. The rise in fuel cost impacts everything, and so does the weather. Just ask the folks in Iowa. We can't do much about either one. So maybe we could be innovation explorers. Space does not need to be the last frontier.


Mandy said...

Amen! I am so over gas prices being so high. Food prices have been soaring here....makes me wish I had started this whole food storage thing everyone is talking about earlier...

Austin said...

pretty soon it'll be cheaper to take a plane than a car anywhere. What kind of gas are those babies using? ;)

Bob Florida said...

Would I pay 6 dollars to move my F350 pick up attached to a horse trailer 15 miles down the road, or 6 dollars to take my boat 2 miles into the Gulf of Mexico to watch a sunset and dolphins jumping my boat wake? Absolutely!
Oil isn’t just in our gas tanks; almost everything we use is made out of it. Plastic is oil.

Basic economics says when you limit supply you get increased demand. Very limited drilling here at home even though we are floating in the stuff and no way to refine it into gasoline since we haven’t been allowed to build a refinery since the 70’s. We are forced to buy oil supply from people that don’t like us and the big money we are forced to spend makes little men into powerful men. Hugo Chavez is only one example. Don’t blame the Oil Companies, blame yourself if you voted for any of the guys that said we couldn’t drill at home or build refineries. Oil Companies want to drill.

Remember the 70’s? OK, but you can do a little research. Start your wikipedia search with Jimmy Carter. We could only buy fuel for our cars on odd or even days depending on the last number on our license plate. Limits of 10 gallons and hours in line as well. An interest rate on new homes was nearly 20 percent. At least the music was good.

Corn. Corn is a lifesaver in the third world. Almost everything we eat here is made of it or fed it. Corn flakes to beef, corn is food not fuel. Take the politician out of the equation and corn is only food. It is a very poor and highly polluting inefficient fuel. Perfect as food. Alternative fuels do not currently exist. They will but they don’t yet. Hybrid cars are a placebo, the fuel mileage is generally poor. Electric cars are batteries, we will spend thousands of dollars and 100’s of years trying to get rid of the toxic metals and compounds in batteries. Little cars should stay in India or be used as golf carts. We don’t want to bump into a telephone pole at 30 miles an hour in a little car.

We have now hit the magic number that will decrease demand so prices will begin to come down. Pressure on the market will decrease as we finally allow some drilling here at home and the summer driving season ends. As prices go down we will feel grateful to the politicians that will take credit for the new lower price. Lower than it is now but not lower than it was.

How I handle increases in cost like fuel and food; I just make more money. Be your own master. Start a business.

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