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Thursday, August 14, 2008

For a Million Bucks Could I Play ?

With the Olympics in full swing (I do love the Olympics) I had an idea to offer an opportunity to be part of the Olympics. How you may ask? Well there are about 100 countries that are invited to the Games that have only a few (like 5 or 6) competitors. One could offer a country a sum of money, (a lot) that money going towards helping in training some of their own citizens to be part of the Games. In turn one could become a citizen of that country and then train anywhere they want for the next 4 years, to be on that countries team. Yes this is commercializing the Games, but that happened when we let pros in the games like the NBA. Think of the fun it would be to go to London and race with the best in the world (not win by a long shot) and hang out to say, “Yes I was an Olympian”. Who knows one could also make some big bucks or even do a movie or TV show about it. Watch for my add “ Be part of the Olympics for only $19.99 plus training and other expenses, not to exceed one million dollars per person.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Face it

I had to publish this great photo I only wish it would have been my idea to take this picture. I have a poster from a Japanese advertisement that has just the face of a girl, the detail are so vivid you can almost touch her skin. Ideas like this are original each one, you may disagree with me but lets look at the idea of the parachute…. Leonardo Da Vinci had an idea for one later in the late 17th century someone made one that worked, later in the 20th century the par-a-foil worked much better each idea is original yet they all are parachutes. The same with the photograph it might look like some other work you may have seen; yet it is original. All ideas are original because even if they are copied they come from a new place (may a bad one), you; your history, your views, your frame, your thought etc.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jaws 4?

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…” I have been working on a screenplay for a play on Jaws, called Chum. It would not be a comedy like all the spin-offs have been lately; it is a true horror movie. It would have all the fun little references to the Jaws movies, such as “That’s some bad hat. . .” and “We’ve got to get a bigger boat”, etc. The idea is to make a movie about sharks that would be scary but would help people understand about how important sharks are to sea life and the environment and not just man-eating killers that they are made out to be in Hollywood. The evil killer would be …. (You will have to see the movie) …

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