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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jaws 4?

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…” I have been working on a screenplay for a play on Jaws, called Chum. It would not be a comedy like all the spin-offs have been lately; it is a true horror movie. It would have all the fun little references to the Jaws movies, such as “That’s some bad hat. . .” and “We’ve got to get a bigger boat”, etc. The idea is to make a movie about sharks that would be scary but would help people understand about how important sharks are to sea life and the environment and not just man-eating killers that they are made out to be in Hollywood. The evil killer would be …. (You will have to see the movie) …

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Bob Scuba said...

How about a horror movie about killer hats. "That's one bad hat Harry", would really work into the dialog. The main character would be a Fisherman that happened to come along after Jaws blew up and grabbed a bunch of the dead shark skin and had it tanned for a hat. But it's a bad hat and his name is Harry! Harry becomes a serial killer because the spirit of the Jaws shark is still in the hat and takes control of him. He kills other fishermen and sinks their boats just like in Jaws! I know I'd pay to see that movie.

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