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Sunday, March 30, 2008

More of outside

In the quest for ideas, people limit their minds to what they know, when they should think of things they do not know. That's whats makes them ideas, good or bad.

I have a list of many great ideas and it gets longer as I reach for ideas outside of what I do and what I know. When I was younger I thought of putting ads on the front and back of videos, and I was told that it would be illegal because a video could last longer then the ad. ( yet Top Gun when it was released on video had adds on it a few years after I pushed for that idea.) As I found out the hard way good ideas are just that ," IDEAS" to bring them to light you must have lots of other things in line. It is like the definition of luck , it is when opportunity meets preparedness.

I had a lot of great pirate designs for tee shirts just before the first POC movie came out. Yet I did not have the funds or contacts to print and sell the shirts ( I was not willing to trade time and money from my family, btdt) I also made up clever bar signs that could be put together from old scrap lumber and painted to look like the classic English tavern sign. The names like "Sparrows' Nest Inn" " "Bountiful Chest Tavern " " Quick Drop Short Stop Inn " Captain Jacks Tavern" and about twenty more. Good ideas yet T&M not willing to trade. I still write down new ideas that I come up with or hear about all the time like, a green bakery that would use zero carbons to make bread, or a new sub the "torpedo" that could sink Subway. There is chocolate lasagna and having your discount coupons on your cell phone along with canned air ( I have about twenty names for that too.). So I as blog along I will post my ideas and talk about "whatever.." ( that is a quote from Nikita my 17 year old daughter.)


Austin said...

can't wait to hear more!

Mandy said...

sounds careful with that mouse ;)

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