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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Start and Start Over

Yes it is time to start my blog. I have preached about blogs forever and know how powerful of a tool they can be. So here is a blog about me and who and what I think... Not that anybody is going to be real impressed (I do think some might be) about my blog and my ideas. I just thought that I needed to put into words (most of them spelled right, I hope) all my ideas and thoughts.

To start I must give credit to my best friend Bob Pruitt ( ) telling me about Seth Godin ( that has started me reading Seth's books and reading his blog all the time. This has giving me the push to go ahead and step outside of my box. Like the blog title, zero box ideas, most of my ideas fall outside the norm or way outside the standard box. Just a hint about things to know "Canned Air" and " Cell Shopping Coupons".

In the words of Curly Bill from the movie Tombstone, "Bye!".

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Austin said...

Let me be the first to say welcome to the world of blogging, Jim B!

And I also would like to say I love your blog name.

"The box was made specifically so we could think outside of it."

-No One Famous (yet)

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