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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Keep Your Room Clean

I clean my house up when my Mom comes to vist. (She is coming in two weeks) Not that it is a mess when she is not visting, it is just nice to have it extra clean for company. Or maybe it is I don’t want her to say, "Hey, clean up your room!" like when I was a child.

The CEO of the company I work for is coming to our plant this week and it is funny - the same thing is going on . The company is cleaning up the junk sprucing up the place with new paint, etc. Are they afraid Mom might say "clean up your room"? In the business world you would hope that operations would be the same on every day.

When I was a Hospital Administrator we never knew when the State would come in to inspect us. Had we known, would we have cleaned up for the visit? That would mean we were not doing our job the best we could on all the other days. So would you want to be a patient on those days, or just when the State was visiting?

In the manufacturing world one would hope that the plant looked good and ran well every day . Yes, maybe a few extra things could be done, but shouldn’t they be done already for the sake of the employees that work there now? What does this action say to them? That they are not worth the effort; only the CEO is? Would it be nice to say we cleaned up and painted just for Susie who is in production or that we restriped the parking lot for the night shift so it would be easyer and safer for them. One could even celebrate that it was done for them. Wow! retention and job satisfactin might go up!!!!


Maybe my idea is to do what you should do every day whether Mom is coming over or not.

Spay breath freshener with vitamens

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Bob Florida said...

Cleaning your room for your parent, your work place for the customer or work environment for employees is an overt act of respect. The act of clearing away the distractions in our minds allows our interaction with others to be more client or mom focused. We don't need to start our conversations with the baggage of the past. Ignore the negative voices of family or friends but listen to the still small voice that leads to decisions less self focused. Most ideas are small. Selling books online for example.
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Nice blog, Jim.

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