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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Inhale for wealth

Inhale exhale…we do that every day or we don’t have another day. The trouble is some of us exhale out air that is foul, nasty, discussing, pungent, and just bad breath. The world has made a good living off of this from mints, sprays, mouthwash, etc. I am not here to say that is wrong making money and stopping bad breath is great. My idea is just a little more out there and adds a new twist.
Each of us works hard at looking and being our best even our children are taught this. So what if we could help our children and ourselves, not just keep their breath fresh and teeth clean maybe we could even provide some antioxidants? Yes breath spray with vitamins etc. to help the body. Simple yes just, think little Johnny is running down the soccer field and needs a quick boost (canned air might be nice) a sports drink could help but no time for that a quick blast and score!!! The body can take in those needed vitamins trough the month faster then trough the stomach. So Vitablast away. And yes I do have other names. (There are vitamin strips out there now and they have not caught on.)

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