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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Face it

I had to publish this great photo I only wish it would have been my idea to take this picture. I have a poster from a Japanese advertisement that has just the face of a girl, the detail are so vivid you can almost touch her skin. Ideas like this are original each one, you may disagree with me but lets look at the idea of the parachute…. Leonardo Da Vinci had an idea for one later in the late 17th century someone made one that worked, later in the 20th century the par-a-foil worked much better each idea is original yet they all are parachutes. The same with the photograph it might look like some other work you may have seen; yet it is original. All ideas are original because even if they are copied they come from a new place (may a bad one), you; your history, your views, your frame, your thought etc.

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Mandy said...

So, I love this photo.
And I love you and Happy Birthday.

Sorry I am a lame daughter and missed your bday :( But I am thinking of you guys and hope it was a great one!

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