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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fresh air, Viking sprits, Nordic Blast, O2U, Breeze, Vitair, O2high, Mountain Air, O2lympus, Fresh-up, Airhigh, BLO (Breath of Life), Iced Air, Dragons Breath, Power O2, Xtrao2, Wind,
Sport-shot, Quick blast, Q Air, Spike, RenewO2, WOG (wind of the gods) Alps, Crisp, B2O2, Gatorair , Clean, Pure, QO2, Gust of Health.

I hope you might have a hint of what my idea is. Yes, canned air, bottle air, you laugh now, yet who laughs now at bottled water??? I have been working on this for almost a year. I would hope that someone could stop long enough to catch his or her breath and run with this. (I have over 60 names) I have some designs for containers and packaging but I cannot hold my breath for too long before others let the wind out of the bag. Yes there are some canned air out there now and I am sure others will follow. I just want to blow my own horn with my air.

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