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Sunday, April 6, 2008

I am teeing off at Pebble Beach for the first time. The drive looks way better than I could have ever have prayed for. I get out my six iron and hope that I might make it farther down the fairway. Wow! It looks like it is right on. I come up to find out that I have managed to get close to the green on a par 5 in two. But wouldn’t you know it, the ball is sunk deep into the sand trap just on the rim of the green. Now what? Oh, I’ll ask Tiger Woods for some advice; he knows this course. I give him a call and ask. He shows me three different techniques for getting the ball out of a sand trap. I hit replay to make sure I can do that swing the right way. Oh, I didn’t tell you that I subscribe to a cell phone service that shows me all this information for the courses I like to play, and that Tiger is just one of the pros that I can turn to if I need advice or to see the lay of the course. I chip the ball out of the trap…….
This is just one of my ideas so I don’t know the outcome.

This concept could apply to workouts at the gym where you have your personal trainer review machines and workouts for you or cooking in the kitchen and checking how Rachel Ray made that great dinner in thirty minutes. Now if I could just get an idea to work where I could get someone to tell me where to get the money to get this idea off the ground it would be even a better idea.

Ideas are fun; to see them grow is even more fun. It is kind of like kids, to start them it’s lots of fun!!!! And when they are small it is amazing. When they are growing and grown that’s when you really feel great. I can say if none of my ideas ever come to pass I have great children and they bring me more joy than any idea could ever. Yet it would be nice to see some of my ideas take off.

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